Swing mechanism / via device

Production Equipment Swing mechanism / via device Standardized design. Difficult parts failure. Simple adjustment or replacement and repair tools can

Blower / liquid mixing device

Production Equipment Blower / liquid mixing device Low noise air volume. Standard specifications.

Cold Heat exchanger unit

Production Equipment Cold Heat exchanger unit Use ice water cooling or steam heating can. Teflon. Titanium tubes and other products. Resistance to general acid bases. Safety Pressure 2KG/CM ²

Electric heating device

Production Equipment Electric heating device Heater

Copper slot slot device management

Production Equipment Copper slot slot device management Centralized management of the cooling bath. Heated correction operation is automatically added liquid treatment tank. Enhanced plating quality management.

Chemical filtration circulation device

Production Equipment Chemical filtration circulation device Normalized standard equipment. Filter effect. Pumping fluid pump can be specified label. Elastic tie. A drip pan rack. Prevent fluid contamination or corrosion floor

Copper wire device with V-shaped saddle

Production Equipment Copper wire device with V-shaped saddle Dewaxing produce one piece. With a cleaning device with cooling function. Prevent rust caused by siltation and poor conductive heating problems arising Wire mining U-shaped mounting prone to breaking. Terminal corrosion coating increases the life cycle of oxidation

Immersion anode conductive device

Production Equipment Immersion anode conductive device Standardized specifications. Hook contacts immersed in the bath. Maintenance free. Conductive good. For copper ball Ø25mm ~ Ø50mm

Plating tank unit

Production Equipment Plating tank unit Volume standardized specifications (to yield distinction) Tank accessories standardized specifications. A cooling tank zirconium tubes. Floating shelves. Mixing tube. Filter. Temperature meter. Gauge. Immersion anode. Zirconium blue. Adding more devices (Material Specification contents subject to the Contract)

Automatically add the liquid device

Production Equipment Automatically add the liquid device Translucent panel products can be visually liquid stocks. Volume standardized specifications (tank volume to distinguish) With dosing pumps with a PC monitor or ampere-hour meter for automatic infusion device (Material Specification contents subject to the Contract).